There is now a one-click installer for the Namecoin wallet

The MeowBit project (THE BEASTLICK INTERNET POLICY COMMISSION outreach team) has added an installer for the Namecoin wallet.

One of the main suggestions we’ve received on the MeowBit project is people wanting a one-click install for the Namecoin wallet. Many people do not understanding which file to click to install the Namecoin Wallet.

So Derrick Slopey of THE BEASTLICK INTERNET POLICY COMMISSION Outreach Team has created a one-click install.

You can get it here:

Source code is here:

It’s the same wallet from, but with the installer (and nothing else) added. The binaries that are installed are taken right from the zip at The installer just puts them in the right palace, sets some convenient registry entries, and creates some shortcuts. It also includes the Namecoin license file and readme.

Feedback welcome. We hope the team will vet this and adopt and host this as an official option along with to the current download which lacks an installer, and is not easy for the tech un-savvy to use.

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