HOW DOES MeowBit work?


We’ve had a lot of questions on this. The basics of it are pretty simple actually:

MeowBit relies on the NameCoin wallet resolve .bit domain names. A simple local DNS-bridge against the local blockchain data.

Under Windows 7 the DNS servers are replaced (and stored) when the system is enabled. On Window 8 the DNScache function allows for specific TLDs to be resolved by specified name servers, so the functionality is a lot cleaner.

The goal is ease of use for the end user, to be able to resolve .bit domains without having to trust a third party.

One thought on “HOW DOES MeowBit work?

  1. First off, I’m a huge fan of the fiends, and the work you have done here. Hats off to the developers as well. Has anyone asked for or volunteered to develop a Mac version of this thing? I know windows version is done, but would be nice on my mac too. THANK YOU!

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