MeowBit version 0.5.5204.40235 is out now!


New better version HERE. Fixes previous problem with not resolving .bit with improper JSON. Also:

Pre-Windows 8 local nameserver function now restores DNS to use DHCP if the IP Address is obtained via DHCP
* Setup installs and starts dotBitNs service: More reliable then previous ‘self-install’ method.
* Setup installs Start menu icon
* Fixed System.Net.Http and other .Net framework version compatibility problems
* Automatic configuration of namecoin.config file is less intrusive; preserves comments.
* Namecoin config manager will search running processes to see if a custom data path is configured. <- Thanks Ian Freeman
* Task tray toggle (double click) now works to show window when hidden via minimize
* Settings window: Added some persistent settings:
* Minimize To Tray
* Minimize On Close
* Start Minimized
* Start On Login
* Moved Version info to new tab in settings window
* Remove StartUp shortcut from installer, it was being configured for all users, but new config option is per user.
* In order to have MeowBit autostart, the user will have to explicitly set that in Settings window.
* Start menu folder with Uninstall shortcut.
* dotBitNs Service will now try to detect running Namecoin client and find authorization information from config file
* Any configuration information that is found by the service is now saved so that it can connect to Namecoin client without the need for MeowBit monitor to be running.
* Dot-Bit specification implemented: Empty sub-domain name (“”) may be used to configure the domain. Entries specified here have lower precedence.